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This project deals Maximizing energy efficiency is an overriding priority in many sectors, no less so in the pulp and paper industry. In many cases, energy managers have exhausted conventional heat recovery measures making further efficiency gains more challenging to identify and implement within the mandated return on investment. A study was conducted and a proposed is given for using the Boiler vent steam by introduce a Pressure Reducing and DE super heating station (PRDS) in Tamil nadu newsprint and papers Limited at karur. Waste heat recovered from the exhaust steam was used to Process plant and also reduction in greenhouse gas and other emissions. So that we have designed a PRDS station to recover the Boiler vent from all the boilers running in TNPL. Due to the developing innovation we have researched new ideas and design in order to survive in this world. With an average heat recovery rate of the project delivers significant energy cost savings as well as the added benefit of an 85% reduction of heat addition into the atmosphere. In future this setup can be implemented the system as an actual functioning of the heat recovery system.

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M.A.Omprakas, M. Kavin, V. Pavithran, A. K. Pradheep Raj, & M. Ramajayam. (2017). Heat Recovery from the Boiler Start Up Vent Steam . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 5(2), 1781–1787. Retrieved from