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The recent past has entered into an era of implementing wireless networks for the better beneficiary outcomes when compared to that of traditional wired networks. The support that the wireless networks provide in connectivity, availability of resources and cost wise comparisons has made them more popular. However there have been certain limitations to the open nature of the wireless framework in terms of security and confidentiality. Better the security measure yields an even stronger attack. The most prominent attack of the wireless network is the Denial-of-Service attack. These attacks tend to alter the legitimate communication between the service provider and the requester, by sending unwanted and meaningless data into the medium. Traceback mechanisms try to identify andblock the attackers from proceeding. Evaluation of these mechanisms depends on the level of how well they try to keep the attackers beyond the normal functionalities of the wireless network. This paper is dedicated to estimate the variations in the normal and attack traffic in the wireless networks.

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S.Sathishkumar, & A.Senthilkumaar. (2015). AN ADEPT METHOD TO DETECT AND TRACEBACK DDoS ATTACKS IN WIRELESS NETWORKS USING PACKET FLOW ANALYSIS . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(8), 849–857. Retrieved from