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Reducing the energy usage in data centers is mainly to be focused in cloud computing. Computational resource should be fairly allocated among different organization. Energy cost reduction and allocation of computational resource should be considered mainly. The time interval should be considered while performing the jobs in the data center. Server over heating should be reduced in the data centers to avoid server failure. The batch jobs should be scheduled in the data centers in the balanced order in the resource manager. An online scheduling algorithm Equally spread current execution load balancing algorithm is used to allocate the jobs to the data centers from the resource manager. Equally spread current execution load balancing can reduce the energy cost and servicing time can be reduced. It can reduce the cost and servicing time in the geographically distributed data centers.

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N. Deebaa, A. Jayanthi, & S.Karthik. (2015). LOAD BALANCING AND SCHEDULING OF JOBS IN CLOUD DATA CENTERS . International Journal of Intellectual Advancements and Research in Engineering Computations, 3(2), 37–42. Retrieved from