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Alumni And Placement Management System provides a simple interface for maintenance of student information. It can be used by educational institutes or colleges to maintain the records of students easily. The creation and management of correct, up-to-date information regarding a students’ academic career is decisively important in the university as well as colleges. Student information system deals with all kind of student details, academic related reports, college details, course details, curriculum, batch details, placement details and other resource allied details too. It reduces the manual work and consumes less paperwork to reduce the time. The project is envisage to be completed in two phases. The initial phase will be the creation of a simple system that will be used to capture data from current final year students before the end of term. The second phase of development will widen the functionality of the system to allow past alumni to register. Alumni can only update the database when they are in the college. This project is developed with PHP for frontend and MY SQL for a backend.

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